Nursing Home Injuries and Abuse

Posted on May 19, 2016


The Epidemic of Nursing Home Abuse

The current abuse found in nursing homes is at an unprecedented and intolerable level.  According to, “…more than two million cases of elderly abuse are reported every year, and almost one out of every ten elderly individuals will experience some form of elderly abuse.”  This, however, does not account for the extent of “unreported” abuse cases.  Therefore, with both a lack of awareness and an “underestimated” intensity of the problem, elderly abuse perpetuates as a “national epidemic.”

When elderly seniors are placed in the care of nursing homes, there is a transfer of responsibility between the families and the nursing organizations that is established on the basis of trust.  According to, “When that trust relationship is broken, the elderly individual and his or her family members may have the right to sue the care facility to recover damages for injuries… Nursing home care facilities owe both the elderly individual and their family members a duty of care, which if breached by way of negligence or perhaps in criminal intent, any ensuing damages would be a liability potentially assignable to the nursing home facility and others.”

As the population of elders continues to rise within the United States, the aggravation and amount of elderly abuse is likely to do so, as well.  Additionally, just like other forms of abuse, elderly abuse is not confined to violent or physical harm; it can also be characterized by feelings of neglect, financial extortion, and emotional maltreatment.

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