Speed Limit of 70 mph To Be Extended toInterstates

Posted on May 14, 2016


Speed Limit of 70 mph to be extended to Interstates
After an 18-month trial program, the speed limit on “most of the Pennsylvania Turnpike will soon rise to 70 mph, and interstates may soon follow suit.” The increased limit is set for implementation as soon as the spring. This comes after nearly two years of accident and speeding data collection. After effective and trustworthy data analysis, it was determined that the trial program of 70 mph speed limit did not result in increased accidents or greater incidents of speeding. Thus, as Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo stated, “Areas that are signed at 65 will be increased to 70 sometime before this summer.” Although it has not been formally announced, the changes have been approved at a Tuesday meeting, DeFebo indicated. The terms of this change are to be formally provided “during a join conference with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which is also expected to embrace higher speed limits on some state roads.”

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