Hoverboard Injuries

Posted on February 23, 2016


Hoverboard Fire Comes to Allentown

Forget about walking: the newest and most fashionable mode of transportation, an electric skateboard-like device, is soaring to popularity.  However, this newest fad may prove more harmful than playful.

Hoverboard fails have unfortunately become more than just an exception.  As of February 21st, 2016, “The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission…noted 52 reports of fires that users say were caused by Hoverboards in 24 states.”  These incidents aggregate to over “$2 million in property damage, including destruction of two homes and an automobile.”  It is suspected that if Hoverboards had met proper safety standards, these fires would have never occurred.  The expected issue relates to “lithium-ion batteries inside the Hoverboards [that] could spark fires.”  After hearing numerous stories in the media about these machines abruptly and hazardously catching on fire, it appears as though this scary reality has finally made its way to the Lehigh Valley.

On January 27th, 2016, a little past 8 am, “a Hoverboard caught fire inside an Allentown, South Whitehall Township Home” forcing the Woodlawn Fire Department to make an appearance and issue a formal warning.  The fire department declared a need to be wary and pragmatic about the harms of this Hoverboard contraption, specifically its ability to catch on fire.  The fire department issued this statement on their website: “Hoverboard fires have been a common occurrence in the United States the last several months and stores such as Amazon have discontinued selling them because of the fire danger.  We urge residents to be extremely careful if you purchase a Hoverboard.”  The imminent threat of these Hoverboards has recently invited the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate the future timeline and lifetime of these instruments.  Any individual affected by a Hoverboard fire is entitled to compensation…

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